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View the trailer for "a love letter to Brian, Lesley, and Michelle"

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Create A Space NOW Presents A Film by Hettie Barnhill -

This is a film, a play, an experience, a concert dance, a work of art, a self-reflection, a protest.

Being able to interact directly with the viewers offers a truly unique reflection of thought, emotion, and conversation catalyzed by this film.

"a love letter to Brian, Lesley, and Michelle", is the result of human beings coming together, diverse in age, sexuality, race, and gender, talking with their bodies, minds, and souls, about Black lives. An interactive and experimental commentary that leaves the viewers looking inward, seeking justice from within.

In this gripping production, art imitates life. It holds a mirror to the audience and challenges the viewer through dance, theatre, and text to reflect upon themselves and their presence within the everyday narratives that are presented to them via social media, television, newspapers, politics, family and first-hand encounters. Witness a compelling commentary covering topics such as WHITE FRAGILITY, DIVERSITY & INCLUSION, ANTI-BLACKNESS, ANTI-QUEERNESS & RACIAL FEAR. It forces viewers to step outside of their own bodies and into bodies that continue to be brutalized, objectified and minimized within America. The tension of everyday life and the experiences of Black and Brown people are brilliantly woven together in ways that have yet to be seen on stage. I left viewers to decide if they will be active in the fight for this generation's civil rights or if they will simply sit on the sidelines.

We are eager to hear from those who have watched "a love letter to Brian, Lesley, and Michelle", and to discuss what moved them. It is important to express yourself after being immersed in such emotional content, and why we believe in the talkback's power.



What's Next?!?

We will host more private screenings in the coming days and want to raise awareness around this film. We can only do that with you. With your support, we can reach far beyond our goals. Please subscribe to our newsletter or send a message via the contact section and let's keep the conversation in motion.

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