Curtains Open @ 7:00 PM EST

You may start the film anytime between 7:00 PM - 7:40 PM EST

Just press the      button that will appear below!

The runtime is 63 Minutes. Starting no later than 7:40 PM ensures your arrival at the Zoom Talkback after.

Zoom Talkback will begin @ 8:45 PM EST




Welcome to the screening of the film

“a love letter to Brian, Lesley, and Michelle”.


This is an immersive film. Please have a pen and paper nearby when prompted to answer questions.


To make sure you are getting the best experience, please look at our suggestions in making this virtual film viewing the best it can be!


Please know that immediately after the film there will be a talk-back via Zoom. I have included the link in the description to click on it when the film has ended.



- Treat this event as you would a LIVE performance


- Turn your phones OFF or on DO NOT DISTURB


- If watching from home, try to find a quiet space while viewing.


- Choose a viewing quality/resolution that works well with your Wi-Fi and be sure to choose the FULL-Screen mode to watch.


- We also ask you to watch with open hearts, ears, and minds.

"a love letter to Brian, Lesley, and Michelle"

a film by Hettie Barnhill

After the film, click below to join us for the Zoom Talkback!



Meeting ID: 818 1609 1902

Passcode: 611476

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